Retail Facilities

CleanUpCrew provides soft washing (best result without harm to paintwork etc)and building cleaning to retail outlets from large shopping centres to stand alone shops.  We are specialists in this type of cleaning. Our team work closely with people just like you to enhance the look and smell of your building or shop front.  

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Commercial Shed Cleaning

We are the experts for commercial shed cleaning and transport cleaning services. We have the equipment and expertise to clean the walls, roof and floors of warehouses and large transport depots.  We can also use soft wash techniques to clean commercial offices and similar areas.

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Manufacturing Facilities

CleanUpCrew understand your manufacturing facility is different from others. Our team have great experience in cleaning in and around expensive manufacturing equipment.

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Aged Care Facilities

CleanUpCrew has the expertise and equipment to undertake those cleaning tasks that are beyond those normally undertaken by staff. These include, but are not restricted to, the outside and roof of buildings, high windows and large areas of concrete or pavers.

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Commercial Facilities

Commercial facilities require external cleaning to look their best. These might be commercial office space with high windows that are covered in dust, or areas covered years of grime and pollution build-up, or paths or other surfaces that are a hazard and require cleaning as part of a duty of care.

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Large Tourist Facilities, Pubs & Clubs

CleanUpCrew are experts at this type of cleaning with vast experience at many different venues. These include contracted cleaning of all facilities at Bundaberg Rum on a long-term basis. 

If your wanting to present your location to the highest standard, then we can clean and restore any venue to a new-like state. 

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Education (Schools, TAFE & Universities)

Improve the appearance of your School , TAFE and Universities by making them look cleaner, fresher and more professional. We have the expertise and equipment to do this in a cost-efficient way in a short time, and can arrange to fit in with your normal schedules. Covid-19 sanitising.

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