Cost to get a roof cleaner to clean your roof.

Before and after roof cleaning
Cleaning your roof is cost effective and adds value to your property.

Taking care of you largest asset involves keeping the house in good condition. This includes getting a professional roof cleaner to do the roof to extend it's life.

Different roof types take specialised cleaning to ensure a lasting job. Some roof cleaning jobs require a chemical treatment while others are cleaned with our 20 inch surface cleaners. This gives a far better result than getting inexpert operators or handymen with a rental gurney.

Every roof is a little bit different although the all come up like new after cleaning. Sometimes a roof tile cleaner is used or another colorbond treatment.Aspects such as water diversion, blocking off rain water tanks and additional cleaning of spanned entertainment areas are taken care of after talking with us.

We specialise in roof cleaning and have invested heavily in  the best equipment. If you are thinking a cheap handyman quote, think again as our services will last so much longer using the best gear.

Why have your roof cleaned

House and building roofs are open to pollution , dirt, salt and road grime. This takes it's toll not only in appearance but lessening the life of your roof. With a build up of debris roofs catch the morning dew and stay wet for longer after rain. This starts the process of rusting and decay of the roof material. In Bundaberg we have the perfect climate to grow mould and lichen , discolouring your roof and having lichen etch into the paint and then the metal underneath. Many people think those grey green circles are bat shit . Those circles are an invasive and need to be removed before too much damage is done.

After many years as roof cleaners we have found light coloured Colorbond to be the perfect substrate to grow lichen. So much more than other colours. Why, we don't know. Removing older, larger lichen will leave  slight scar once removed. Another reason for regular cleaning.

A lichen is a composite organism that arises from algae or cyanobacteria living among filaments of multiple fungi species in a mutualistic relationship. Lichens have different properties from those of its component organisms. (1)

With many houses catching rainwater for drinking it is recommended to clean your roof often to maintain clean water. It is common to find a dead frog or bird in the gutters of a house, not something you would like to drink. Mould and lichen residue entering your rainwater tanks can affect some people. To make sure have them cleaned out regularly.

For tiled roofs the pointing is also subject to the environment. Constant heating and cooling allows cracks to develop. A great crevice for mould to grow and help loosen this important part of your roof. While this doesn't make much difference although for your roof to last longer it needs attention.


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We generally quote on individual roofs although a guide is below.

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All good but how much to clean a roof?

Roof cleaning price guide

Cement tile roofing               

Price per sq metre $1.70

Average prices

3 bedroom    $300-600

4 bedroom    $400-700

5 bedroom    $500 +                cement tile roof cleaning

Colorbond roofing

Price per sq metre $1.50

Average prices

3 bedroom    $300-500

4 bedroom    $400-600

5 bedroom    $500 +              colorbond roof cleaning

Terra Cotta roofing

Price per sq metre $4.00

Average prices

3 bedroom    $600-750

4 bedroom    $850-950

5 bedroom    $1000 +            Terra Cotta roof cleaning

Terra cotta roofs are cleaned using our softwash equipment.

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