Colorbond roof cleaning, Tiled roof cleaning

Colorbond roof cleaning  in Bundaberg using our rotary cleaner
Such a difference roof cleaning makes

Commercial or domestic roof cleaning?

This is the area that we love, we enjoy working with family clients and always do the extra miles. If we are at your house for a roof clean, doing the drive or entertainment area will be at a reduced rate as we are there already. 

We have cleaned large commercial roofs with fantastic results. Much of our work is domestic colorbond cleaning and tiled roof cleaning and we get on great  with people. Our cleaning staff listen and provide the best result with the least cost to you.

Generally we use pressure cleaning to clean roofs although we have full soft wash capabilities also.

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Our difference and other roof cleaning services.

CleanUpCrew use 5000 psi, 22 lpm commercial rotary cleaners, which can be adjusted to provide optimal conditions for cleaning each roof. Our equipment is mounted on a special pressure cleaning truck or trailers, equipped with long pressure hoses so that we can park in one position and avoid the damage to gardens that often happens with smaller mobile units.

We also use gutter protectors to avoid damage to your gutters and we clean the outside of all gutters and provide  gutter cleaning  as part of our service.

Solar panels are cleaned free of charge with every roof clean. The best way to clean lichen off solar panels involves treating them with sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) diluted and mixed with a surfactant (soap). This is applied under low pressure left to dwell and loosen the lichen. Then it is simply a matter of using clean water and a broom to remove them. This process will leave them cleaner for longer and won't hurt the solar panels.

We also hose off the outside of the house to ensure that no grime from the roof remains on the house itself. As a bonus, we generally provide a quick clean of the soffits and surfaces that increase the appeal of your house and finish our work so you are 100 % happy and let your friends know.

Presentation and customer service is what holds Cleanupcrew ahead of our peers.

We also provide a thorough internal gutter cleaning,especially useful for houses where drinking water is collected from the roof.

Many times we clean other areas while at your house  for less than it would normally cost. We are very happy to provide  you with other cleaning or sometimes we just do it as part of our service.

 We are the experts in Colorbond cleaning with years of practice. We can get the best result with your roof staying cleaner for longer. Lichen is a big issue with lighter coloured roofs and this is best cleaned using our high pressure surface cleaners. Tiled roofs my be soft washed using our patented cleaning product. Either way you will get the best result. Soft washing is becoming more popular as an alternative to using pressure alone. Using this process not only cleans your roof but kills all algae and mould. Leave it up to us to give you the best result.

Are you thinking about hiring equipment and tackling your required roof cleaning job yourself? If you are please consider these points:

  1. Roof cleaning is dangerous. Each year many householders are admitted to hospitals after accidents on their roof. Cleanupcrew are fully compliant with height access requirements.
  2. Inexpert operators often damage the roof or send water into the roof cavity. Cleanupcrew, known as Bundabergs best roof cleaners have the experience to keep this to a minimum.
  3. The equipment used by most DIY operators give the impression of a clean result. We guarantee our roof cleans for years.
  4. Smaller units do not have the capacity to remove the mould and lichen with the same effectiveness as a commercial rotary cleaners.

Some benefits of a professional roof clean:

  • protects your home, your biggest asset
  • makes the house sell faster, for more money
  • is far less costly than roof restoration/ painting
  • removes built-up grime, and damaging mould and lichen
  • removes allergens that affect your health
  • extends the life of the roof
  • makes your roof look the best in the street

Cleanupcrew technicians are trained in all aspects of exterior cleaning and customer service.

You can sit back with the knowledge you have made the right choice.