Things to do before having roof pressure cleaning of softwashed.

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Things to do before having your roof pressure cleaning of softwashed.

On the morning before your roof cleaning professional arrives think about what is laying around your yard as whatever type of roof you have there is always some overspray. Depending on your roof structure and how dirty it is the residue may stain items it comes in contact with.

Remove things like the BBQ or chairs that will get covered. At Cleanupcrew we clean up our mess after a roof clean although it is far less work if those items are covered or removed.

For items like timber decking we may have to place a tarp over them as they are notorious for showing the overspray from the roof. We can sort it if you haven't got time.

Think about diverting water away from rainwater tanks.

Depending on the way they are plumbed, our team have pre cut plastic squares to place over frog mouth fixtures. Sometimes plumbing goes straight into the ground to the tank and we have to divert water at the tank during roof cleaning. This leaves contaminants in the piping underground. On these occasions we will recommend that the system be left diverted until the next good fall of rain so that the residue is flushed.

On houses that the pipes go from the house to the tank, these are easily diverted.

On the days prior to the job, alert your neighbours that you are having your roof cleaned. This is important if the houses are very close together or things like their washing line my be close to the boundary. Just a common courtesy as sometimes a small amount of overspray will get on their house. We will clean this off it if it happens.

As roof cleaning is noisy, think about your pets. If you think they may be alarmed by the noise it may be good to have somebody look after them on the day. If they are people friendly putting them in the back yard may be OK. As long as you let the operator know as we will require access to the entire yard to clean the outside of the gutters and fascias. This is part of our roof cleaning packages.

Make sure all windows are closed as part of our roof cleaning is a quick clean of the house to remove any debris or stains that have come from the roof. This is also part of Cleanupcrews roof cleaning package. We do not leave any mess behind so you don't have an extra job to clean up after us. Our reviews show that we leave all customers happy with our work.

Before we arrive please remove cars from the garage if you need to go out during roof cleaning. Please park them on the street as we generally park on your driveway.

Depending on payment method, have the money available as we are busy people and it's better to have it on hand before the roof clean. If you require an invoice to claim the work, please have you email address and details written down so we can process that invoice.

On rare occasions overspray may hurt foliage of your favorite plants. Please think about this and let the operator know so they can be protected or moved. Generally we will use pressure only without chemicals although the oxidation and dirt from your roof is not well tolerated by delicate plants.

Having said that we have not received any negative feedback for any of our roof pressure cleaning of softwashing. Our team work well with people.