Shoping centre cleaning

Shopping centre concrete cleaning
Pre spray using a degreaser prior to surface cleaning of a shopping centre

If you an owner or manager of commercial facilities or a smaller building, feel free to ask for Cleanupcrew for an obligation free commercial cleaning proposal.

We have the equipment, experience and expertise to provide effective, safe, timely and cost–effective solutions to your cleaning needs. And for cleaning tasks that you didn’t realise that you have, such as dirty, unattractive or potentially dangerous paths leading to your premises, mould, lichen and grime that are slowly eroding wall and roof surfaces, and a generally tired appearance that could deter potential clients.

We have commercial high pressure cleaners mounted on  custom-built trucks and equipped with long pressure hoses so that we can clean large areas quickly from a single position. This avoids the damage, inconvenience and wasted time that can occur when smaller mobile units must be repositioned during a large job. We do also have smaller units for use when they are appropriate.

We are WHS compliant regarding height safety training and height access equipment and work closely with our clients to minimise disruption and provide maximum safety and convenience. Where considered necessary we use specialised cleaning methods, soft washing or high pressure cleaning and use biodegradable agents to avoid damaging the environment. 

We are very conscious that most managers are busy people with limited budgets so are keen to ensure that we satisfy your needs in providing a clean, fresh and attractive finish to your premises in a cost-effective and convenient way.

If you contact us, we will be happy to discuss what we can do to improve the appearance of your premises. We will discuss if pressure cleaning or a soft wash process is best.Cleanupcrew will provide a proposal for a one-off clean or a continuing contract. We are confident that you will be pleased that you made that call.