Transport & Warehouse Facilities, & Commercial Shed Cleaning

We are the experts in very big sheds. We have the equipment and expertise to clean the walls, roof and floor of warehouses and large transport depots. Our operators have EWP and height safety accreditation so size is not an issue. We can also use soft wash techniques to clean offices and similar areas.

In this way, we can not only improve the appearance of your facilities, but also remove debris that can be a fire hazard, and remove grease and other materials that could be a slip hazard.

We can provide the highest level of cleaning work, quickly and super clean due to our specialist truck-mounted equipment that makes it possible to clean at 200-400 sqm/hour. Where necessary we use specialist chemicals to sanitise or to remove grease.

If you contact us for a quote, we can assure you that we can provide a more complete, cost-effective outcome than is possible with existing staff. You will be pleased that you made that call.

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