Education (Schools, TAFE & Universities)

Cleanupcrew can

  • increase the safety of students, staff and visitors by ensuring that paths, concrete and paved surfaces are free of hazards that could cause an injury;
  • decrease the need for maintenance costs and increase the life of outside and roof surfaces by removing built-up grime, fungus and lichen which cause them to deteriorate.
  • improve the appearance of your facilities by making them look cleaner, fresher and more professional.

We have the expertise and equipment to do this in a cost-efficient way in a short time and can arrange to fit in with your normal schedules.

We use commercial truck mounted pressure cleaning equipment. This unit runs at higher pressures and better flow than most high-pressure equipment and is perfect for this type of cleaning. Our several portable units are also suitable where access is a problem.

If you contact us, we will happy to discuss your cleaning needs, and provide a proposal. We are confident that you will be very happy with the result.