Concrete Cleaning Bundaberg

Concrete cleaning for commercial or residential work located in Bundaberg,Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Gladstone

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Commercial Building Cleaning

Commercial building is necessary  to keep them looking looking good and to stop deterioration that occurs with the build-up of dirt and grime. CleanUpCrew has the equipment and knowledge to handle all commercial building exterior cleaning needs. 

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Commercial Machinery & Equipment

Experts in cleaning heavily soiled machinery and equipment. We can clean quickly and to a higher standard than using smaller commercial pressure cleaners.

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Public Venues

Cleanupcrew use specialised commercial equipment to bring stained and filthy pavers, tiled and concrete entertainment areas back to new condition and remove stale beer smell from beer gardens and other outdoor public venues

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Restaurant, Takeaways & Outdoor Eating Areas

CleanUpCrew has the equipment and expertise to clean the dirty exterior surfaces in front of your business  leading to a inviting and attractive appearance.

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Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning for domestic or commercial clients in Bundaberg and surrounds . We also apply a mould treatment to make the clean last so much longer.

No matter if it's an external house( lower pressure) cleaning or concrete (high pressure)we have you cleaning covered.

After 15 years with great feedback,we do it better than the next bloke. :-)

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Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning using the latest roof pressure cleaning Bundaberg equipment  to  achieve the best result for roof cleaners in the Bundaberg and surrounds.

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House Washing Bundaberg

House  washing using soft wash or pressure if needed for Bundaberg houses . External house cleaning is our specialty. 15 years with happy customers.


Pavement cleaning

Pavement cleaning is best done by the experts but is also a DIY project for some. This page contains a step by step process to best clean your pavers and keep them looking good.

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Driveway cleaning

For driveway cleaning we will provide you with a cost effective and long lasting clean. Bundaberg  driveway cleaning experts using the latest commercial equipment.

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Office Cleaning Bundaberg

Cleanupcrew should be your first call for commercial  office cleaning.

We guarantee to provide a professional service at a price that makes us both happy.

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Exterior building cleaning

Exterior building cleaning services are important for maintaining the appearance and integrity of buildings, and are available for both commercial and residential property owners. Cleanupcrew offer a range of services including pressure cleaning, soft washing, and chemical cleaning, which can remove dirt, grime, mould, and other unwanted substances from building surfaces. Regular exterior cleaning can prevent long-term damage to the building and extend its lifespan. It can also create a safer environment for workers and visitors by removing slippery substances that can be a hazard. Cleanupcrew is a professional cleaning company that offers a range of services for exterior building cleaning in Bundaberg, and can help maintain the appearance, integrity, and safety of buildings for occupants and visitors.