Concrete Cleaning Services

A concrete cleaning  high pressure cleaning contract.
Commercial concrete cleaning makes a huge difference to your business image

Concrete cleaning is our speciality. We use large high-pressure rotary cleaners to ensure our pressure cleaning work is to the highest standard. 

Cleanupcrew’s customers all report satisfaction with the professional, expert work that we do as concrete cleaning specialists.

We have years of experience cleaning everything from 14,000 square metres of exposed aggregate concrete in one job to council contracts providing concrete and boat ramp cleaning services.

Of course we provide cleaning services to the public. Our team would be happy to provide a quote to clean driveways, pool areas and paths around your home.

We use the most modern commercial truck-mounted pressure cleaning equipment. This provides the ideal pressure and flow to tackle larger commercial concrete cleaning tasks. We also have several portable units to use where access is a problem.

Most of our concrete cleaning is done with cold water. This enables us to produce a better result in shorter time for most concrete surfaces that are just dirty or covered in mould.  We use biodegradable chemicals and degreasers where necessary to remove traces of oil or grease on your concrete surfaces.

Many jobs are also pretreated with a solution that will kill mould algae and moss. This prolongs the life of the clean concrete and gives a great finish. This service is offered free to our customers.

Cleanupcrew will provide the best result possible even if the stains have permeated into the porous substance of the concrete.


If you want the job done right at a competitive cost just call or Request a Quote.

Cleanupcrew technicians are trained in all aspects of exterior cleaning and customer service.

You can sit back with the knowledge you have made the right choice.