Pressure cleaning Hervey Bay

Pressure cleaning in Hervey Bay. Residential or Commercial.

Pressure cleaning Bundaberg

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How much to clean a roof

Roof cleaning costs for roofs located in Bundaberg. A roof tile cleaner or colorbond cleaner.


exterior cleaning services bundaberg

Professional house cleaning services using the latest soft wash technology to look after your greatest asset.

All about soft washing

A comprehensive page of all things about softwashing buildings, roofs and houses. A guide from a successful provider who cleans many buildings.

Things to do before a roof clean

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Benefits of softwash cleaning

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The Hidden Value of Exterior Building Cleaning

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Softwashing in Bundaberg

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Tips to make the exterior of your house clean before the festive season

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A brief outline of why commercial cleaners are necessary.

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Why is mould bad for you?

Mould in the environment can be harmful to health for several reasons. Below are the reasons this occurs.

Does Bleach Kill Lichen

In the quest to maintain clean and aesthetically pleasing outdoor surfaces, homeowners often confront the challenge of removing lichen. This symbiotic organism, a combination of algae and fungi, thrives in damp environments and can be found on trees, rocks, and outdoor surfaces like roofs, decks, and sidewalks. As lichen can cause damage to surfaces over time, effectively managing its growth is a common concern. One of the methods frequently cited for lichen removal is the use of bleach. This article explores the efficacy of bleach in killing lichen, its application methods, potential risks, and alternative solutions.


How to remove lichen from concrete

A comprehensive guide to the various ways to remove lichen from concrete.