Considering Soft Washing for Your Home's Exterior

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The results using soft wash cleaning method

Considering Soft Washing for Your Home's Exterior?


The Evolution of Exterior Cleaning


In recent times, a new technique has emerged in the exterior cleaning sphere. This innovation has proven its effectiveness in removing organic and environmental pollutants from various surfaces, including vinyl, brick, and render.


Most are acquainted with pressure washing, a method involving the use of water under high pressure to clean surfaces. While undoubtedly effective, pressure washing presents its set of challenges. For those new to it, mastering the equipment can be a demanding task. Moreover, with the intense force it emits, there's always a risk of causing damage like peeling paint, broken window seals, or even harming your garden.


This brings us to a gentler, yet efficient alternative - Soft Washing.


Understanding Soft Washing


At its core, soft washing employs a combination of low-pressure water and specialized solutions to clear away grime and other impurities from your home. Here's how it's done:


Preparation: Clear the area of obstacles such as potted plants or garden tools.

Mixing the Solution: Combine the required detergents and solutions.

Application: Use a soft washer to evenly disperse the solution on the targeted area, ensuring a gentle spread akin to a garden hose's output.

Cleaning: Let the solution sit to eradicate all contaminants effectively. Then rinse off.

Key Components for Soft Washing


Water: Essential for diluting the cleaning agents.


Cleaning Surfactant: A crucial element that loosens, dissolves, and washes away dirt. Its unique chemical properties ensure that the cleaning solution adheres effectively to the surface, maximizing the cleaning potential.


Mould Inhibitor: This tackles mould, moss, algae, and other growths, ensuring they are eliminated.


Why opt for Soft Washing?


Enhance Aesthetic Appeal: Continuous exposure to the elements can degrade a home's appearance. Soft washing refreshes your home's look, boosting its aesthetic value and potential market value.


Health Benefits: Exterior contaminants, if left unchecked, can make their way indoors, posing health risks. By eradicating mould and similar growths, soft washing ensures a healthier living environment.


Maintain Structural Integrity: Over time, certain contaminants can erode your home's exterior. Regular soft washing can prevent this, extending the life of your home's surfaces.


Cost-Efficiency: Prevention is better than cure. Regular soft washing can save you substantial amounts in potential repairs and replacements.


Interested in Soft Washing?


If soft washing sounds right for your home or building, don't hesitate to give it a go. It has proven beneficial for numerous homes in Bundaberg. Ensure you collaborate with a reputable cleaning company to guarantee optimal results. For expert soft washing services in Bundaberg, dial 0427 575 195 or fill out our form for a complimentary quote. We're happy to assist you!