Pressure cleaning services for building cleaning and concrete cleaning services. Specialists in this field.

Commercial pressure cleaning during a  large commercial building clean
Pressure cleaning the Bundaberg Rum corporate building

Cleanupcrew also takes care of the smaller pressure cleaning jobs around the home, including pressure washing for driveways, pavers and any concrete surface cleaning. 

Pressure cleaning for Commercial buildings

Cleanupcrew work with our clients to make this easy. 

After many years we have developed the best cleaning strategy for your business.

Our team include abseilers and professional soft wash contractors. Times are changing and pressure cleaning is on the outer for cleaning commercial buildings. 

We have developed the latest methods to bring your buildings back to looking their best. As hard nut pressure cleaners, we have learnt that blasting is not always the best approach to cleaning. We have spent time and money sending our contractors overseas to learn from the professionals.

Technology is our friend. We guarantee the best result you will get at very competitive rate.

We have the latest equipment and training. Cleanupcrew can provide this guarantee on all pressure cleaning and building cleaning jobs.

Pressure cleaning for houses

Our expert operators can adjust our commercial pressure cleaners to clean smaller surfaces around the house so the end result is better, cheaper and lasts longer than the alternatives.

Our core services include:

  1. Pavement cleaning
  2. Driveway cleaning
  3. Path cleaning
  4. External house cleans
  5. Concrete cleaning services

We also have biodegradable chemicals that will kill mould completely giving you peace of mind.

Cleanupcrew uses the latest techniques to give you the best result. While many surfaces ( pavements and concrete ) are best pressure cleaned with our commercial gear. Other areas may require a soft wash. We have the experience to offer you the best result for the least money. 

We have spent time learning to provide you with a fantastic clean. Exterior cleaning is moving with advances in chemicals and the best result may be achieved with low pressure and using the correct biodegradable chemicals that will not hurt your landscaping or the environment.

Pressure cleaning has its place for cleaning hard surfaces. Commercial building cleaning benefit from a new approach with new advances in cleaning techniques. These achieve a better result that lasts longer. 

New approaches include soft washing using a process that has been used in America for many years. They run training schools and accreditation in the equipment and biodegradable chemicals that do not damage the surfaces or plants.

It is a new horizon for building cleaning, new processes and better results.

Cleanupcrew spends a great deal of time speaking with the people with the latest methods to produce the best result and in doing this the cost to our client comes down.

Please involve us with your next building clean as we will surprise. Many of our building cleans end better than they were even 20 years ago when the building was built.


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