What you should do before getting an external house clean

A little bit of useful information before you hire an external house cleaner. There are many to choose from although so varied in price and the end result. A few points on things to think about that to some may seem unneeded although after years in the business we find clients forgetting to do things. All good hope this information helps.

Things to consider

  • Do your research to find the best provider.
  • Hiring the best.
  • Soft wash or pressure cleaning?
  • Make sure all the windows are completely shut.
  • Remove anything that can be damaged.
  • Pets.
  • Good water.
  • Diverting tank water.


Do your research to find the best provider.

Probably the best way to find a great external house washer is to look at reviews and previous customers comments. There is a great difference between getting someone who has been in business for years and always provides great results and hiring a new person that may just blow your paint off and damage screens etc.

The best contractors will have the latest equipment and a professional setup. The best contractors are the ones who don’t do anything else except external cleaning. The best of them will have a fully setup truck with everything they need. Not to be confused with a guy who turns up in an old car with a busted arse trailer full off lesser quality equipment.

Somebody who is keen and organised with a great reputation. You may save $50 dollars hiring a less than professional operator or a mate although the results will speak for themselves.

Hiring the best.

You will have the best equipment and great, friendly staff that will use their experience to provide a long lasting great result.

After 15 years in the game and a lot of research we have worked out the best way to do this. A mix of equipment bought from around the world to produce the best result in the least time.

We love working with the public to produce great results and always end up with happy clients.

Soft wash or pressure cleaning?

You must select the right contractor. I bloke that says he will pressure clean your house imay not be your friend.

Soft washing is the use of the best mould killing products and rejuvenating your paintwork.

Pressure cleaning may make it look clean but does not kill the mould which will quickly return. Besides pressure cleaning paintwork only leads to harming the painted surface over time.

Using soft wash has been developed over many years of trial and error. We have a dedicated soft wash system although use it rarely as we have developed a way to produce the same delivery of chemicals at low pressure using venturis and technology.

A great external house washer cleans painted surfaces using a soft wash type of cleaning.

For hard surfaces such as gutters fascia’s and concrete the best method is using pressure although good contractors will also treat these surfaces for mould so the clean lasts so much longer.

On brick houses pressure cleaning may be used accompanied by a softwash treatment so they stay cleaner for longer. On brittle of textured brick usually the best result with be had by applying a concentrated product that removes mould and algae and the surface returns to new condition.

Make sure all the windows are completely shut.

This doesn’t sound hard although you would be surprised how many times this hasn’t happened. Windows left slightly agar are often forgotten about. The result will be messy as dirty flyscreen water may enter your rooms.

No need to remove flyscreens as a good contractor has the perfect mix of products to wash the screens softly and leave the window behind them sparkling.

We are aware of toilet vents and additions such as box air conditioners fitted in windows and adapt to suit.

Remove anything that can be damaged.

A good contractor can assess and work around built in furniture in entertainment areas. TV’s are best bagged or removed as we are not perfect.

Items such as shoes etc are a common item and they will get wet.

Tablecloths (cotton) are best removed but plastic clothes and furniture can usually stay put and they will get a clean as well.

A little bit of common sense as we will also hose off all undercover areas to leave your house spotless and if there are a lot of things in the way we may not be able to do this to perfect condition.

Surface cleaning (pressure) of these areas is not part of a house clean and are easily available with a chat to our people.


Savage dogs need to be removed or constrained properly. Bleeding is not considered part of a normal clean.

Please ensure if your inside pets may be intimidated by a stranger cleaning the outside of the house that they are taken care of or removed.

Good water.

Most cleaners require to use your water supply.

Especially for house/ window cleaning the purest water is best. Bore water can be used although if it not pure it will leave residue on the house and windows.

If on tank water, please ensure you have at least 1500 litres to clean the average house completely.

Diverting tank water.

This is generally not necessary for a house clean although in some circumstances it may be.

Good contractors can assess the property and make recommendations. We have a few accessories we have designed to make this easy.


Cleanupcrew look forward to making it easy and economical to provide you with a long lasting house or building clean.

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