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If you're like most homeowners or businessowners, you probably don't give much thought to your home's exterior until there's a problem. And by then, it may be too late! So today, we're going to talk about nine tell-tale signs that you need external house washing soon. Keep reading to learn more.

9 Tell-tale signs covered:

  1. Curb Appeal
  2. Maintenance to protect your investment
  3. Reduce the need to repaint
  4. Maximising gutter life
  5. Sparkling windows
  6. Insect and security screens
  7. Sliding doors and tracks
  8. Reduce allergens
  9. Proud of your house.

1.   External appeal

Everybody is impressed with a nice clean well-presented home.

After a engaging a professional  external house wash your house will sparkle and be the envy of your neighbours. It’s not about size or structure although more about presentation. You may have a huge house although if it is not cleaned regularly people may prefer a cleaner smaller house next door. Very important if you are selling your house. Today is a sellers’ market and your house will sell quickly. Imagine if you spend a small amount to present it in it's best light. Easy, cost effective way to add a few thousand onto your sale price. You wash your car before sale to gain maximum value and your house is no different and the gains are 10 fold.

2.    Maintenance to protect your investment

Regular maintenance is a priority for commercial clients. You house is no different.

The businesses have learnt that it is cheaper in the long run to engage professional contractors for yearly external house wash or building cleaning. Longevity of your building or house revolves around reducing invasive mould and other organisms that attack structures. It is very easy to accept slow and subtle deterioration of your investment as people just get used to the changes over time. WOW, what a difference an external building wash can make. As houses age some areas allow water to penetrate through the paint work and allow dangerous (if you are made of wood) organisms to attack the very structure of your house. Professionals generally  use safe products that will limit this deterioration and prolong the life of unprotected surfaces. It may be very cheap to have driveways and concrete cleaned while we are at your house as things get cheaper while we are there.

3.    Reduce the need to repaint

An external house wash will revitalise your paintwork!

 Our systems and products allow for low pressure care of your painted surfaces. Our products eradicate surface mould and over a short time they also help remove any staining from mould and the like. The sun is the biggest factor for the longevity of your paintwork followed closely by the actions of predatory organisms that live on and degrade your surfaces. Large organisations accept this and engage planned maintenance for external building cleaning. They have learnt that it is cheaper for this to be done while improving the wow factor of their buildings, it also extends the time between repaints. If your house is looking not so good, it is time to have it professionally cleaned. This maintains the life of your paintwork and you will be so happy with the result of cleaning brickwork and anything else you would like done.

4.    Maximising gutter life

We commonly see gutters full of debris that holds moisture and deteriorates your gutters.

 This also occurs with mould and algae on the inside of your gutters. Cleanupcrew are very open to hear your concerns and provide professional answers to increase the life of your gutters.

On the coast we see deterioration of especially the hangers for your gutters from salt and have proven that they will last longer after a professional external house wash.

We offer a gutter cleaning service that can be easily provided with you external house clean.

After listening to you, we can show you the most cost effective clean.

5.    Sparkling windows

Clients are really impressed with the researched professional products that Cleanupcrew use during an external clean. Make sure your external cleaner is up to date with the best practices We leave windows clean and sparkling. After 15 years and a lot of research we have windows completely solved. All windows, 2 storeys, decorative, casements and the like, we have the solution to gently clean them and leave them sparkling without the need of a squeegee. So much easier for harder window types and frames. Cleaning windows to a high standard is easy when the correct tools are used.

6.    Insect and security screens

During your external house wash we will clean your screens using low pressure. Just a thought as not all professionals have this ability. The result is dustless and disinfected screens. We can also clean the window behind them from the outside without having to remove your windows. That saves you heaps. Clean windows and screens all done externally. We have hundreds of happy clients that will back that up. Do some research to find the external house cleaner that can use low pressure and correct products. Handymen with high pressure are likely to damage your screens.

7.    Sliding doors and tracks

The main issue with tracks seems to be deterioration from dirt and stuff that is left in the tracks. After an exterior house clean the tracks are left spotless with those contributing factors gone. This will increase the life of the runners and of the track itself. Using  low pressure we apply our product and fully clean the frame, tracks, and windows. This gives you peace of mind that your house will last longer than without cleaning.

8.    Reduce allergens

This is important! Many people do not realise that the sniff or sore eyes come from the mould and allergens on your house.

While removing these from the inside of your house is important. Think about that all the air entering your house comes through screens that may be filthy and a harbour for airborne organisms.

It is so important to remove these if you are in any way suspect able to this.

Your quality of life will increase, and your health will increase. People do not seem to think about this.

If your house and screens are dirty, have them professionally cleaned and disinfected by a reasonable cheap service if you hire the people who know what they are doing.

9.    Proud of your house.

We love people that are proud of their house and offer many services to keep it looking great. Do some research before hiring your cleaner.  While it may be soothing using a small pressure cleaner for your cleaning, this will only fix the problem for a short time. Please ask for a quote from a professional external cleaner  to completely eradicate the mould so it will not return anytime soon. These screens are better softwashed to kill the organisms rather just using a cheap pressure cleaner. Problem solved!

Seeing the tell-tale signs, your home needs some attention?

If you’re seeing any of the tell-tale signs discussed above, it might be time to call in the professionals at the Cleanupcrew for some external house washing. We are a Bundaberg based external cleaning company that have been doing it for 15 years.  We can take care of everything for you – from pressure washing your driveway and porch to cleaning your windows and gutters.  All you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your house transform before your eyes!

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