Exterior cleaning before the Christmas season

A clean house leading up to Christmas
Nice and clean exterior to make your house inviting for Christmas

Bundaberg has a warm moist subtropical climate. If you're preparing for a pre-Christmas exterior clean in this region, it's essential to consider the climate, the type of debris and dirt common in the area, and the needs of the surfaces you'll be cleaning. Here's a suggested approach for exterior cleaning in preparation for Christmas in Bundaberg:

  1. Assess the Cleaning Needs:
    • Look around the property to see what needs attention. Common areas include driveways, pathways, patios, exterior walls, roofs, gutters, windows, and outdoor furniture.
  2. Roof and Gutters:
    • Due to Bundaberg's occasional heavy rainfall, gutters can become clogged with leaves, twigs, and other debris. Cleaning them is essential to avoid water damage.
    • If you're not comfortable doing this job, consider hiring a professional.
    • For roofs, a gentle pressure cleaning can remove accumulated dirt, moss, or algae. Always ensure you're using the right pressure to avoid damaging roof tiles.
  3. Driveways and Pathways:
    • These can be cleaned with a pressure cleaner.
    • Treat any oil (degreaser) or other stains with a cleaning solution suitable for the type of surface (concrete, stone, etc.) before cleaning.
  4. Exterior Walls:
    • Depending on the material, you can use a soft brush and soapy water, or a gentle pressure clean. Adding a weak mix of chlorine or bleach is an effective way to kill and remove mould. Avoid high-pressure cleaning which can damage some materials and paint.
    • If there's mould or mildew, use a mix of 1 part bleach or liquid pool chlorine to 10 parts water to treat it.
  5. Windows:
    • A mix of water and a few drops of dish soap works well. Adding a small amount of bleach helps reduce the surface tension to make it easier to remove dirt.
    • Use a squeegee for a streak-free finish. Remember, if the water is pure you won’t need to.
  6. Outdoor Furniture:
    • Clean according to the material.
    • For most, a mixture of water, bleach and mild detergent will do. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.
  7. Lawn and Garden:
    • Mow the lawn.
    • Trim any bushes or trees that may have overgrown branches.
    • Clear any debris like fallen leaves or branches.
  8. General Tips:
    • Given the subtropical climate, start early in the morning before it gets too hot.
    • Always use eco-friendly cleaning solutions, especially if they can run off into your garden.
    • If you're using a pressure cleaner, make sure to wear protective gear, including safety glasses. You don’t want water or dirt entering you eyes under pressure.
    • Check the weather forecast. It's best to choose a day with little to no chance of rain so that cleaned areas can dry properly.
  9. Decorations:
    • Once everything's clean, you can start decorating. Ensure that all outdoor electrical connections are waterproof or adequately protected from the elements.
  10. Maintenance:
  • To keep areas clean, especially during the festive season, do a quick daily or weekly sweep or use a blower, depending on the area.

Remember, safety first. If there are tasks you're uncomfortable doing yourself, consider hiring a professional. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone, a clean exterior will uplift the festive spirit and make your property more inviting for Christmas celebrations.